About Us

DTW Chop Steakshop to Jami Chop Steakshop

Being 100% Halal

We are a Black owned Muslim steakshop. Who’s been serving the community with quality food and bring back what is known of cheesesteaks in Buffalo NY. We are ready to break the misconception that halal food taste different than regular food.

Healthy eating starts with a healthy mind, body and spirit.  We bring nutritional  meat to the classic American food. For some when taking a bite out of a chicken hoagie your thought may not be how was the animal killed, was it blessed before hand.  But we do.  We know in order for people to continue on the path of righteousness they must be good fully as a whole person.  Mind, body and spirit.  We offer you engaging conversations, nutritionally  food, that’ll hopefully lift up your spirts.  Rather it is at 2pm in the afternoon or 11:30 at night.  

We are offering are customers with quality food made right from our local farmer. We are certified and all products that we serve is halal. Come break the misconception of what you think you know about halal food and try us today. We promise we won’t disappoint.